Wednesday Whiff – Fantasy analysis, transfers, City’s defence, fixtures

On Wednesdays we take a whiff of the Fantasy League blogosphere, as well as other relevant Premier League articles. We turn our attention to Fantasy Premier League analysis, City’s defence, transfer deadline day analysis, the fixture list, and injury news.

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In injury news:

This weeks…

…whiff of pain: Ouch!

…whiff of fresh air: Diego Lugano’s incredible farewell from Fenerbahce fans.

…whiff of scandal: Spain and Chile brawl on Fifa’s fair play day.

…whiff of temper:  I’ll bite. You?

…funny whiff: David De Gea just can’t catch a break. Amazing back heel goal.

…whiff of Mike Ashley: Mike Ashley, Newcastle owner, stripping down in a Chinese restaurant. Brilliant.

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