Wednesday Whiff – Gameweek 6 reviews, Fulham’s defence, shots on target, fixtures, injuries, and weekly whiffs

On Wednesdays we take a whiff of the Fantasy League blogs, as well as other relevant Premier League articles. This week, we turn our attention to Gameweek6 reviews, Fulham’s defence, shots on target analysis, fixtures, injuries and suspensions, and the weekly whiffs.

Fantasy Analysis

Several Gameweek 6 reviews were published; The Fantasy Football Scout, referring to Rooney’s injury situation, explains the bad “edge of the price rise sword” that tempts managers to hold on too long on players having enjoyed a big price rise. The Fantasy Gaffer picks out interesting points and advocates buying Adebayor. PL Fantasy delivers his regular Lineup Lessons while Fantasy Premier League Transfers and Peacemaker J summarize the action on a game-to-game basis.

The Fantasy Gaffer studies the Fulham defense, resulting in a “sell” verdict and points to Bosingwa and the Swansea defence as alternatives.

Chris Glover analyzes shots on target, pass percentage in opponents half, and key passes in another praiseworthy article over at PL Fantasy. His analyzes combined with looking at fixtures, provided by The Fantasy Football Scout’s fixture frisking or Fantasy Football Cheat’s fixture review, should prepare you nicely for Gameweek 7.

Other interesting tidbits that should help shape your Fantasy team:

Football News and Opinion

Injuries and Suspensions

This week’s…

…whiff of scandal: Despicable individuals in the Leeds v Man United game mock the Istanbul and Munich disasters. The idiots will hopefully be found and banned from games.

…whiff of fresh air: The penalty for hooliganism in Turkey is only allowing women and children attend the games.

…whiff of annoyance: Chelsea manager, Villas-Boas, complains to referees’ chief about their allowed offside goals conceded in their match against Manchester United.

…whiff of temper: Maradona is at it again, kicking a fan before an al Wasl match.

…whiff of body odor: Espanyol’s Walter Pandiani opens up a fire hose of sweating during a press conference.

…whiff of sentimentality: Ferguson praises kindly gesture by Manchester City, laying a commemorative wreath in Munich.

…funny whiff: Chelsea’s team sheet against Fulham in the Carling Cup listed Ancelotti as the manager. Kind of unfortunate, considering Abramovic’ tendency to replace managers.

…whiff of genius: Jurado, of Schalke, produces a brilliant spin flick assist to Raul against Freiburg.

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